Score Against Cancer kicks off early with David Fish

July 6, 2018 12:53 am Published by

Score Against Cancer is less than a month away and things are heating up!

Prizes are coming in left, right and centre, the participants are all getting ready for their moment on screen and the whole team are gearing up to take a big kick at the Big C.

But we simply couldn’t wait until August 3rd to give you some of the good stuff, so we’ve teamed up with David Fish to bring you some of the action early! David Fish, known for the high quality, high entertainment streams we’ve all come to know and love, is the perfect man to get SAC2018 underway with a warm-up stream!

He’ll be letting you know what to expect from the main studio stream, providing some awesome gameplay and more!

Also, if you donate early during his stream using the special hashtag on the night, you’ll be entered into an exclusive draw to win a limited edition PES2018 tshirt!

Remember, all of your donations go towards the grand total, so please be generous!