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Score Against Cancer Introduces: The Wezzatron

June 13, 2018 8:43 pm Published by

Score Against Cancer will be back again this year raising more money for the Bobby Moore Fund and Cancer Research UK, and of course, we’ll be enlisting some stellar talent to help us along the way!

Today we’ll be introducing The Wezzatron, the Superstar from Solihull!

For those who don’t know, he’s the second best PES player from the West Midlands, behind the one and only Shogun FC who definitely has nothing to do with this article, honest.

The e-Sports star, Twitch streamer and budding commentator is joining Score Against Cancer for 2018 and he’s ready to make his mark, whilst fighting for a cause close to home.

When we asked Wez why he was so keen to take part, this is what he had to say:

You always think that it won’t happen to any one you know. You think that it can’t be possible that cancer can hit you where you live.

Except, that’s just what happened last June.

My family was given the terrible news that my uncle had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The news crushed everyone around him, not least his two young kids. He was given the prognosis of have 3 months to live, given the advanced state of the tumours in his brain and his lungs.

However, through the pain, he was able to explain how he found inspiration in his late uncle.

His desire to live and his human spirit allowed him to fight until February, where he unfortunately succumbed to the illness. To see an illness, eat away at a family member when you know you can’t do anything to help, it leaves you with an empty feeling. He was cruelly taken from us far too early and I can now identify with something that I always thought was something that would never affect me on such a personal level. However, when I think of my uncle as he was, I’m filled with an incredible sense of pride. He was a gentle and kind man who would give you the shirt off his back if you had nothing left.

And Wez had some kind words for our partner charity:

Cancer Research UK do an incredible amount of positive work, my Mom donates to their charity monthly.

When Ash asked me to take part in this, it wasn’t something I needed to think about. Given that I missed last year due to work commitments and the events of this year, it wasn’t a ‘I want to do this….’, it was ‘I NEED to do this…’. I can’t think of a better way for me to do my uncle justice than to put my skills and platform to help a cause which has now become so close to my heart.

He’d be proud.

We also asked Wez who he’d be looking forward to playing against and safe to say he’s confident in taking on anybody:

Well we’ve got a very healthy running battle between me and David Fish. We’ve matched up numerous times in streams and with us both qualifying for PESLeague events this year, it’s very much added a new wrinkle to a growing rivalry. It’s always a fiery affair, but it’s always the right side of friendly. Bibby would be a nice matchup too, as playing against him was the first time I caught the eye of PESUni. And then Vernimator naturally, as PUP Team 1 and Team 2 have bragging rights to uphold!